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My name is Andy Baltes and I design & build responsive websites. I currently reside in Toledo, Ohio. I have a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University. User experience (UX) takes precedent in each and every one of my projects. Search engine optimization is front and foremost in each site I develop. Check out my portfolio and my journal. If you are interested in hiring me, you can request a quote.

I am enthusiastic about the web & design. I love learning from and expressing new ideas with people who carry the same passion for creativity, so contact me if you want to say “hello.”

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My MostRecent Work

To the left is my most recent work from dribbble. Click the image to see the shot on dribbble. Some of my work has additional full page versions or larger views as an attachment on dribbble.

I particularly enjoy designing user interfaces and websites. I occasionally design icons as well.

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My Journal

Here is where I blog about anything I personally find interesting. Some topics inlcude: design, coding, insights, case studies, web, music, events or anything else I feel like writing that day.

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